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    Cập nhật 11/10/2017 Lượt xem 581


    Yesterday, there was a symposium held in Vinh Chap Primary School. Mr. Nguyen Tu Duy – the specialist from Vinh Linh Education and Training Bureau, the representatives of Manage Boards from Primary Schools in Vinh Linh District and all English teachers came to take part in the symposium. The symposium had two parts which helped English teachers have an overlook about what they should do to innovate the ways they teach English to young learners.
    Miss Lê Thị Thanh Nga - a very young teacher taught a  lesson for every body to observe.

    The symposium started with a lesson observation. Miss Le Thi Thanh Nga – a very young teacher taught a lesson of grade 4 in which she used many techniques to help her students learn, practice and use the structures such as “Slap the table” game, building dialogues, matching … This made the students feel interested in the lesson and they joined the activities actively.
    All the English teachers and representatives of Manage Boards from Primary Schools took part in the symposium.

    After the lesson, every body participated in a discussion to talk about the lesson. Many English teachers and some managers were so enthusiastic when they had a lot of opinions to make the lesson better as well as find out how to solve some problems they often meet during their teaching times.
    On the second part of the symposium, Mr. Le Van Luong introduced some small techniques and activities to teach and help students practise sentence stress and intonation, especially the phonics lessons of Tieng Anh 5, book 2.
    Mr. Nguyễn Tư Duy - the Specialist from Vĩnh Linh Education and Training Bureau came to observe and give some instructive opinions. 

    Mr. Nguyen Tu Duy – the Specialist of Vinh Linh Education and Training Bureau was so happy at the end of the symposium. He said: “Today, English teachers group was so successful in holding this symposium. I hope that, all of you will try your best in teaching as well as self-educating, cooperate to each other to make our English teaching much more better and bring the benefits to the beloved children”
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